Frequently Asked Questions
About TheraCoat®

How does TheraCoat work?

Cell health is dependent upon phospholipids, molecules which
contain fatty acids and are key building blocks of cell membranes.
Phospholipids protect cells from oxidation and are a major component of the protective sheaths that surround the brain and support the circulatory system. The liver produces phospholipids if the daily diet is sufficient, but pet foods are generally inadequate so phospholipid production is compromised. Because TheraCoat is derived by extracting and purifying phospholipids from soybeans, it replenishes essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. TheraCoat is also a critical source of B vitamins, choline, linoleic acid and inositol. These components and many others included in this remarkable dietary supplement help improve the fluidity and health of all cells and tissues including those in the brain and nervous system.

What causes skin and coat problems?

There can be various reasons why your pet might be exhibiting skin and coat problems.  TheraCoat works on phospholipid technology, which works to improve overall cell health, thus enhancing the skin and coat.  Since cells form the skin, many times the first logical answer to a skin problem is phospholipid deficiency. A number of cutaneous changes can occur including loss of skin elasticity, dryness, scaliness, sebaceous gland atrophy, poor wound healing, weakened cutaneous capillaries, erythema, lesions at mucocutaneous junctions, matting of fur, thinning and discoloration of hair, lack of hair re-growth and alopecia. Fortunately, phospholipid and essential fatty acid deficiencies are rapidly reversed when TheraCoat is added to the diet. The plasma membranes of cells are repaired once extracellular fluid is enriched with essential phospholipids.

How does the use of TheraCoat compare to other options?

healthy-cat-dogWhile topical treatments such as medicated shampoos, conditioners and sprays are often beneficial in treating the symptoms of skin and coat disorders, TheraCoat aids in the actual internal healing process necessary to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate such symptoms. Animals without skin and coat problems will also benefit from using TheraCoat as seemingly healthy coats will become fuller, shinier and enriched with moisture.

When will results be evident?

After only 30 days of daily use, the effects of TheraCoat will begin to become apparent with dramatic results occurring in 60 days. Results include hair re-growth with enhanced coat luster, skin healing and regeneration, reduced skin and coat dryness, and improved elasticity and suppleness. Other reported benefits are the reduction or elimination of tear stains on new hair growth and reduced ear discharge and irritation. TheraCoat use also improves overall health and is especially beneficial for older pets with limited mobility. It is important to continue using TheraCoat on a daily basis to maintain these results.

How is TheraCoat® administered?

Theracoat Consumption

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TheraCoat is very easy to use as it is in a granular form. Simply sprinkle it on pet food on a daily basis following the measurement chart on the container. Since it is made from natural soy proteins, the flavor blends well with foods and pets enjoy it. TheraCoat is available in a 14.1 oz. (400 gram) container and should last approximately three months when given to a 30 pound pet. A scoop is included in the container for ease of administration. It is important to continue using TheraCoat on a daily basis to maintain positive results.

Is TheraCoat FDA regulated? What are its properties?

TheraCoat is a premium deoiled soybean extract characterized by a high phospholipid concentration, uniform appearance and 2% flow aid. TheraCoat is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a direct food substance under Title 21 CFR 184.1400. The storage environment should not exceed 77˚F (25˚C). When stored under these conditions, shelf life is a minimum of two years.

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TheraCoat Pet SupplementDuring the testing and advanced product development phase, Al Davis (Founder and CEO of Davis Veterinary Products) gave a container of TheraCoat to Ms. Melody Weber, a pet owner who said that her dog Morgan was plagued with terrible skin problems. Ms. Weber described Morgan as having a very sparse coat with sores all over her skin and a terrible odor. Morgan also scratched constantly and lacked energy. Over a two year period, Ms. Weber had taken Morgan to several veterinarians for treatment but nothing seemed to work. So Ms. Weber committed to try TheraCoat by adding it to Morgan’s food every day. In a mere two months, amazing results were apparent. The sores had disappeared, hair had grown back, the odor was gone and Morgan no longer scratched. Ms. Weber was overjoyed that Morgan was a happy, frisky dog once again.

“Morgan’s skin condition completely cleared up after adding TheraCoat to her dog food every day for just two months. I was amazed at the results and still add TheraCoat to her food regularly. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.”
— Ms. Melody Weber, pet owner