Testimonials From Pet Owners

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“First, I have to give you a little history. In August, a small, old,
sickly dog was abandoned with me. He was in horrible health & his days were numbered. My husband & I decided to keep him & try to make his last days comfortable & happy. He was so terribly matted that I had to shave him off with a #10 & #40 blade.

gramps before and after theracoatUpon his first vet visit, we were told that his hair would probably never grow back. His body was just too depleted & his hormones were too imbalanced.

In September, I attended the groom Expo in Hershey. There, I met your company’s owner & told him of our situation. He gave me a canister of TheraCoat® and I just figured “What the heck … it can’t hurt to try.” I was AMAZED!!!! Within about 2 months, we noticed new hair growing throughout his body. It seemed the longer he was on it, the faster the hair was coming back!

As of January, he has a FULL coat of hair. When I say he has hair, I mean HEALTHY hair! He even has to be groomed every 3 to 4 weeks now. Your product is wonderful. Grandpa (as we fondly call him) continues to be on TheraCoat … along with my other 5 dogs.”

~ Sincerely,

“Penny the Cocker”

penny before and after theracoat“For nearly a year she had been enduring a dermatitis condition that was spreading and totally destroying her beautiful, curly, golden coat. I was told by my vet there really wasn’t much I could do; it was part of the aging process, but perhaps aloe would help.

I did try aloe vera gel and that seemed to help, but not for long. I started Penny on TheraCoat on August 21st. In a fairly short period, I was amazed. I really believe Penny was more comfortable as the sores on her skin were healing and her hair began to grow back.

The negative comments from others subsided and everyone quickly commented how much better she was looking. This sure helped me, too! I am very grateful to have been able to use and benefit from TheraCoat!”

~ Sincerely,

“Penny the Pom”

penny the pomPenny’s hair started falling out and the vet thought it was due to a possible allergic reaction. She prescribed a liquid that was very hard to give to Penny and said that it would take a few months until I would see results and the hair re-growth would begin.

After a month without seeing any results, I was given a bottle of TheraCoat. After about a month of taking TheraCoat, Penny had a beautiful full coat, even better than before! Her confidence has grown tremendously and her personality has really bloomed. Thank you so much TheraCoat!”

~ Sincerely,


yogi before and after theracoatYogi is seven years old and has always had skin issues, as well as constant hair loss and horrible odor. Owner tried several different remedies to try to fix the problem: thought it was fleas … nope, thought it was his food … nope, allergies … nope … no luck.

While having to board Yogi at the animal hospital for an extended period of time, he was introduced to TheraCoat. After 8 short weeks of use, Yogi’s hair completely grew back!!! Owner continues to buy TheraCoat regularly and has her other pets on it as well.

“Franke the Australian mix”

franke before and after theracoat“TheraCoat made a generous donation of this product to our rescue organization, to help our foster dogs look their best. Many of our dogs come to foster care with dry, brittle coats that are very threadbare.

I also used TheraCoat for my own Aussie, Franke. When we adopted him, he had several hot spots and red and itchy areas all over his body, especially his elbows and his stomach. He was so miserable, and constantly chewing and scratching at himself, often causing his skin to bleed.

After just two months of using the TheraCoat product, we were amazed at the results. Within two weeks, Franke’s coat was lush, silky and he scratched and chewed himself rarely. The benefit of this product not only increased his natural good looks, it also improved his general attitude and he was so much more enthusiastic about being part of our family.

We had struggled for years with our first Aussie with countless trips to specialists and thousands of dollars in medical care. I wish I’d known about this wonderful product then.

The first two photos were taken shortly after Franke came to us. You can see the rash on his elbows and stomach and a large hot spot on his flank.

The second two photos were taken two months after we began TheraCoat treatment. No more hot spots, his coat is silky and soft and full. Even his elbows, which were thickened with old scars are now smooth and even.”

~ Rachael Eley
Metro Atlanta Coordinator – New Spirit Aussie Rescue

“Bailey the Chocolate Lab”

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I just HAD to contact you about your TheraCoat. It SAVED our 6 yr old chocolate lab’s life. Our poor Bailey has MAJOR isses…first of all, we rescued her at 5 months and secondly has MAJOR allergies. (We had her tested by our vet and have a three page list of her allergies.) Last summer, while we were on vacation, she contracted a skin infection from the water and the horsefly bug bites.

She was a MESS when we got home. To top that all off, she lost her best buddy…we had to put down our 11 yr old golden retriever, Mollee (liver cancer). Bailey went into a SEVERE depression. The depression did not help the skin infection fight. Her fur was falling out and she lost over 10 lbs within two months. Our vet told us that we could do one of two things…either get another dog to hopefully pop her out of the depression so she will eat again (give her the will to live) or we should consider putting her down.

Well, putting her down was not an option. So we got a puppy. That certainly popped her out of her depression! Now we could work on getting her back to health. Now mind you…this all started in July of 2012, we got the puppy on December 4, 2012. Nothing was working for her.

In January of 2013, I was talking to our friend, Jacqui, who is a professional groomer, and she said that she went to a trade show and the “owner” of Davis Manufacturing gave her this product to try out. She said that she was waiting for the “right” person to give it to. She gave it to me and within LESS THAN ONE MONTH (using only HALF of the canister) in other words, within TWO weeks of starting her on this, SHE turned into a different dog! Her coat turned BEAUTIFUL! Her bald spots (and mind you, she had MANY!) were ALL going away!

I called Jacqui and told her that she had to come over and see Bailey…Jacqui was TOTALLY STUNNED! She could NOT believe the transformation of this dog! I took her to the vet and he said, “Where is Bailey, did you get a new chocolate lab?” “What are you using?” I told him and he said, “Well, keep using it!” I only wish I had pictures of her before…we were too ashamed to do that…she was a mess. I just had to write and tell you.

Our vet told us to give her fish oil. Well, I tried that…she sniffed her food, gave me that look of “Seriously? You want me to eat that smelly stuff?” (Bailey stays out of the garbage, doesn’t roll in smelly dead things like most dogs would and Never eats “stuff” outside.) Our other friends have commented on her coat and just cannot get over the transformation…so we THANK YOU! But most of all I know Bailey “THANKS YOU!”

~ Sincerely,
Kris Alt

“Axel the Silver Lab”

“Thank you for making such a great product! I was very skeptical when our local “U-Scrub-A-Pup” (Fort Walton Beach, Florida) recommended your product. I have a two year old Silver Lab that was diagnosed with Color Dilution Alopecia. The vet explained it as a mix up in the gene’s which makes his hair grow very thin and fuzzy.It also make’s him susceptible to skin infections (staph). He recommended Flax Seed which I started, however I was not convinced that it would make a huge difference.

Your product worked exactly as it described and in the time frame given. My lab has been on your product for 2 months now and his hair is growing back. I have even seen darker, thicker hair in the fuzzy areas!

Living in Florida our dogs are always exposed to the sun. Labs love to swim, I was so worried about him getting sunburned and stopped taking him to the beach. Now that his hair is returning I can take him back to the place that he loves. I only wish I took before pictures so I could show you the improvement.

Thank you so much!”

~ Sincerely,
Traci Bryant